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Coca-Cola firms up plans in four months to set up RM1bil plant

NILAI: Giant conglomerate Coca-Cola took only four months after discussions with the Prime Minister to firm up plans to set up a RM1bil plant in Malaysia.
Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said this would help bolster Malaysia’s image as a favourite foreign investment destination.
He conducted the ground-breaking ceremony for the company at Bandar Estek here yesterday.
“We promised them all the support that we could give, and the incentives as well, during discussions in Singapore. I am proud that we have been able to make this a reality within four months,” he said, adding that the investment would be made over a five-year period.
Najib had met officials from the company at the sidelines of the Apec CEO summit in Singapore last November.
He said Malaysia was proud to be associated with the globally-recognised brand which first made its presence here in 1979.
“Coca-Cola has been a global household name for a long time ... I still remember a movie (The God’s Must Be Crazy) where a Coca-Cola bottle fell from the sky.
“It could have been any bottle ... but it was a Coca-Cola bottle,” he said to loud applause from the crowd.
Najib was also pleased to note that the state-of-the-art plant would be one of the most eco-friendly in this part of the world.
The “green” plant would be built based on the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) certification which was an international standard for eco-friendly buildings.
The 123,024sq m facility, built on land acquired from TH Properties, is expected to start operations before the end of next year.
Earlier, Coca Cola Company president (Pacific group) Glenn Jordan said the investment in Bandar Enstek was the company’s biggest ever made in Malaysia.
This new investment, he said, would create between 600 and 800 jobs within the plant and 8,000 more jobs at the supplier and distributor levels.
me: I'm only realize this news when my boss ask me to check it from The Star. I was sad...;( Did our PM really know about the company or not. It he know about the 'good' of the coke? For me, minum coke ni xde beza mcm minum racun. Xde kebaikan langsung!!!

Al-kisah yg nak dikisahkan

In the name of Allah......

Very long time tak tulis ape2 kat blog ni......
Mcm2 rasa ada skrg ni sedih+gembira+pening+confius=? tak tau nak describe. Hanya DIA yg tahu apa semuanya......
Tadi berpeluang tgk rancangan adik2ku (RTM 1), ni baru kali kedua dpa tgk. SubhanaALLAH, Alhamdulillah...hanya tu yg terlafaz. Meremang bulu roma bila dengar adik Amin baca ayat2 al-Quran, pastu bila adik2 yg lain kupas dgn baik tajuk dorg this week pasal ibu bapa... Sedih nyerrrrr.... menitis gak la air mata ni (mcm duk dlm KBM plak hehehe)..... Apa yg blh sy ckp prgram ni sgt2 bagus.... win-win program. Peserta n krew dpt manfaat, penonton dpt manfaat, RTM pun dpt manfaat (kan bagus kalau banyak program2 mcm ni)...

Jangan lupa tengok final!!!! !18/3/2010 9mlm RTM 1

Antara peserta2 dan murobbi yg terlibat

Sempena cuti sekolah ni pun macam2 program ada utrk adik2 yg masih sekolah (utk cikgu sekolah xde ke? ;))

let's chek mane la tau ade program2 yg sesuai utk anda